LIVE – IN – PERSON @ Aurivo LT 

Greenhouse gases are a good thing for our planet; eating chocolate is also a good thing and just like chocolate, we can sometimes have too much of a good thing!

This show explores the extreme weather conditions which are currently being linked to climate change as a result of the excess production of greenhouse gases.

Weather can be extreme, scary, and devasting and the potential effects of climate change are just going to make weather even scarier.

This show has given Scientific Sue a few engineering challenges. Find out how a super flooding system, not fed by rainwater but by Mentos can be built.  High winds and flooding can knock down bridges; sometimes these bridges are the lifeline for remote villages. How did villagers stranded by Storm Maria use creativity and engineering to survive?


The consequences of any changes to our climate could lead to intense droughts, storms, heatwaves, and rising sea levels – we don’t want to alarm you we want to scare you! Scare you with crazy, innovative demonstrations which will answer many questions but may also put our very own volunteer’s existence in danger!

Suitable for all ages