Workshop for grown-ups (16+) via Zoom

Join Fire the Inventor on Zoom for two sessions of inventive playfulness crafting mechanisms from stuff lying around the house or easily available from local shops. Stuff such paper clips, tins, corks, cards. In past years we’ve run mechanical art workshops for children, but this year they are for adults.

Building automata is not just for children!

If you want to tinker and experiment with making mechanisms and harness the movements into curious designs, then this is the workshop for you.

Steve from Fire the Inventor will share tips, examples, and ideas about how things can be made to move, and then be on hand to help participants experiment constructing their own contraptions. It’ll be like a maker’s hang out, a space where like-minded people give themselves time to be creative, chat and share the joy, magic, (and, yes, frustrations) of creating motion from a mechanism. There’s no guarantee you will make a successful automaton but you will have fun trying.


The session will be recorded and made available on the website so you can refer back to it later.

Participants will receive a list of suggested materials and tools to get you started, once booked on the course. Maximum 20 persons.

Download the Resources list for Mechanical Tinkering Hang Out Here