Duration – 50 mins

Dr. Niamh Shaw wants to share a unique perspective of our planet from Space. She spent 15 days on a simulated Mars mission in the Utah desert in early 2017 and it completely changed the way she lives on Earth. By being deprived of the resources we take for granted every day, she saw it as an opportunity to downsize, minimise and develop a better understanding of climate action in the community. Because surviving in space is hard, and reminds us just how lucky we are to have our beautiful Earth.

Niamh Shaw is an engineer, scientist, writer and performer, award-winning science communicator and a passionate advocate of Women in STEM, sustainability and education for all. She writes regularly for BBC Sky at Night, presents Space Hub news segments for RTE’s Home School Hub, and the first season of her podcast ‘Humans of Space’ is available on all podcasting platforms. In 2020 Mercier Press published her first book ‘Dream Big- an Irishwomans Space Odyssey’.