Energy is one of the most important topics for humanity in the coming decades and is a key area where the Engineer of tomorrow can make a difference. The engineer of tomorrow will be assessing new and efficient methods of energy creation, developing methods of energy re-use and storage, and helping minimise consumption of energy, all while seeking to minimise societal and environmental impacts.

Areas of interest are in all the engineering disciplines such as mechanical (generation, energy transfer), civil and building (heating, efficiency, insulation) , electrical (storage, efficient transfer), and new materials (storage, energy generation), even down to computer and mathematical modelling and development.

Undergraduates in IT Sligo are taught the basics of energy generation, refrigeration and heat pumps, heat transfer, gas and air cycles, and other essentials to provide a sound background for the next generation of energy engineers. Researchers in IT Sligo are studying energy-efficient heat transfer, via 3D printing of metal devices, and the development of high-performance coatings and novel materials.


A fairer distribution of energy globally is also key for the future. EWB-Ireland is a group of Irish engineers and scientists dedicated to bridging the gap between academia, industry, and NGOs to give opportunities to learn about and contribute to sustainable development globally.

Our mission is to partner with disadvantaged communities to improve their quality of life through education and sustainable engineering projects. Join us on the day, or watch our online showreel of EWB-Ireland.  For more information on the branch in IT Sligo contact Gerard McGranaghan at [email protected], or look up