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Sunday 5th March 2023


All day – Drop In



Main Concourse

The AIM Centre is at the forefront of advancing technology for manufacturing and supply chain; supporting businesses in the northwest of Ireland stay competitive, increase productivity and grow the region’s economic impact.

We help businesses navigate challenges like

  • How can we use technologies like AI and machine learning to improve product quality?
  • Which manufacturing processes offer the biggest return on investment to modernise with technology?
  • How can we prepare our workforce to embrace new technologies?
  • How can we transform our manufacturing lines to be more circular?
  • How can we use data to bring more agility into our supply chain to reduce disruption?

In addition to our advisory services, the AIM Exchange – in partnership with Skillnet – provides access to events and training programmes that equip employees with the skills they need to innovate, negotiate, lead, and deliver.

We’re also home to the AIM Academy; a centre for 2nd level students to immerse in creativity, innovation, and technology.


Visit our stand at the Engineering Fair to find out more…

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